How to convert bitcoin to usd dollar 7 best ways to do it

How to convert bitcoin to usd dollar 7 best ways to do it 
As we know that bitcoin is one of the top cryptocurrency and very popular in the world and fee is very low compare to bank charges whenever we talk about sending money from one place to other. But most of people get problem when they want to cashout their bitcoins to their local currency or bitcoin to usd conversion. In this topic I gonna talk about 7 best ways of converting Bitcoin to USD Dollar those will help all of you a lot to understand the conversion process in a easy way. They are as follow’s:

  • Bitcoin to Neteller USD This is one of the best choice online from where a person can easily convert his bitcoin to local currency example Bitcoin to usd.Neteller e currency is one of the very old and popular e currency owned by paysafe group limited. There are so many user’s of Neteller e currency in the world who use it to fund their forex trading accounts, people also use it in online shopping plus in betting sites also Neteller can be used as a payment processor for deposit and withdrawal. The process is given below that how you have to convert your bitcoin to usd dollar from the Neteller. There is a bank deposit option in neteller which you can use later ( after funding from bitcoin) to withdrawal money direct to your bank from Neteller. In the process we are gonna discuss that how to deposit neteller from bitcoin process given below. 
  • Process
  • Sign up on the Neteller website and verification is the main thing that you have to do after the sign up because without the verification no transaction is possible in neteller. So first do full verification of your account which make Neteller more secure for your transactions. For verification we need id card, bank statement, geographical location verification, and couple of more documents required. 
  • Once verification done just click on the Money In option its on left hand side below account. 
  • In the next step just select the Bitcoin/Bitcoin cash option in menu. 
  • Just put the amount that you want to convert from btc to Neteller usd and click on continue.
  • Now Make sure that you have a bitpay wallet for btc because Neteller only accept funding from bitpay.
  • A bitpay invoice will appear in front of you just put any of your email id now and click on continue
  • Now choose the currency bitcoin ,there will be two options there bitcoin/bitcoin cash.
  • Now just copy the payment url as shown above in the image. Make sure that your focusing on the timing also because you have to do this in a limited time just check the timing on the bitpay invoice window that is in front of  you. 
  • The next step is to visit to your bitpay wallet.
  • Click on send option same as we send or transfer bitcoin to someone.  
  • Just paste the url link that you have copied from the bitpay invoice on neteller site
  • Bitpay will automatically fetch your url and it will show you the payment information.
  • Just send it and you will get confirmation on both bitpay as well as in Neteller. 
  • Keep in mind that Bitcoin to Neteller USD deposit is not instant it can take half to one hour depend upon the blockchain confirmations. 
  • For testeing just start with $5 first the minimum deposit from bitcoin is $5 so just give a try first.

Once all the deposit done from the bitcoin then the next step will be to add the Bank account which you can use from the Money out option. Neteller is my first choice regarding converting Bitcoin to USD dollar because it give us a great freedom to use P2P system too. You can directly take the withdrawal to your bank from Neteller to your local currency and on the other hand  you can also sell the neteller e currency to any of your friend who like to use Neteller in forex market, online shopping, etc. But make sure that you are dealing only with your close friends otherwise some one can make you fool too very easily.

  • Bitcoin to Skrill USD: 

Skrill is also one of the top e currency in this world and mostly use in forex trading, online shopping etc. So many forex brokers and online sites accept Skrill as a payment method. Here special thing is that the owner of this company is same the paysafe group limited. Actually the functions of Skrill will be same as like the Neteller e currency. Almost same interface will be there inside of Skrill account like Neteller website. 

Furthermore when  you will start to upload the bitcoin to Skrill USD that time also you have to follow the same process as same like Neteller deposit. Both features are almost same so there should be no problem at all there to understand the concept of Skrill. Neteller and Skrill both are related to same company. Just comment or email us if you face any kind of problem during the upload and withdrawal (Investing in Finance) Our team is always avail here to help you.

  • Exchange Sites:

This is also one another popular but risky method to convert your bitcoin in USD. There are so many online sites which can convert  your bitcoins in so many popular e-currencies but I would recommend you to choose the best one only. For that you can do couple of things the best will be checking review, by checking the review it will be more easier for you to do trust in some of best online exchange sites. Furthermore now days so many people use online websites for exchanging so you can also take help from your friends regarding choose the best site for your bitcon to usd conversion.

  • Forex Brokers:

Investng in forex broker is also a very good option but only for those who are familier to it. There are so many brokers who accept bitcoin as a deposit method and later withdrawal you can take in other e currencies as well as in bitcoin.But if you don’t do trade then better to focus on all other methods those we have discussed earlier.

  • Bitcoin ATM: 

Bitcoin ATM is also one fantastic method which can help people withdraw their money directly from one bitcoin atm machine. So many countries are still working on it but now days a lot of bitcoin atm can be seen all across the world which provide the facility of both buying and selling. The problem is only fee because the maintaining fee is the issue with these bitcoin atm machine’s. This is a simple method but little bit expensive too.

  • P2P

The another method of converting bitcoin to USD is P2P. Which is called as person to person system. You can just ask your close friends, relatives, for P2P regarding exchanging your bitcoin to your local currency or usd. As we know that the demand of bitcoin is really very high in the world and there are people who mostly like to buy bitcoin on a regular bases online. So in this case you have to just contact them better to ask close friends, and relative if they are interested to buy from then it is sure a great way for  you to convert your bitcoin into your local currency. You can get direct cash in your hands for the bitcoin. 

  • Paypal

Paypal is one of the very old online payment service provider and its world’s leading payment processor company. which help in sending money safely to someone online, it also accept money from differ merchants and that fund directly can be withdrawn in our bank account. People also use Paypal for payment as buying goods and services online. This is almost a payment processor like Neteller, now the main question appear that how you have to convert bitcoin to Paypal? Right now Paypal does not accept the deposit from bitcoin you have to just sell your bitcoins to some one and have to accept the money directly in your paypal from that party to whom you are selling your bitcoin. The online exchange sites also can be used for this task but please be make sure that you are using small fund each time only because personally I don’t believe much in online exchange sites. Check with your friends who can take bitcoin from you and can provide you paypal. 

Hope you like the content, Investing in Finance team always here to assit you. If you face any kind of problem to convert your Bitcoin to USD Dollar or to your local currency just let us know about that by email or contact us forum. We are always happy to assist you thanks. 

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