US Penny Stocks to Watch in 2020

As we know that penny stocks does work on a high volatile based term, they can be dangerous as well as profitable too for a trader.In this article we are gonna cover a topic about top Nasdaq US Penny Stocks to buy in 2019.But before the discussion its important to know that what are penny stocks actually? There are so many definition’s lets take a simple one.

US Penny stocks are all those small stocks those are traded under $5. These stocks can be found on NASDAQ, as well as on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). Most of trader’s recommend to trade in NYSE, NASDAQ penny stocks. So in simple words, a penny stock has been compared to a small stock here. Talking about the price here ok? not about the length lol!! So that was all about the meaning let’s come to the main point.

Top Nasdaq US Penny Stocks for the year of 2019, they are as follows:

  • Zynga Inc 
  • ZNGA: If you like to play social mobile games and does understand the future value of this industry then ZNGA stock would be a best choice for you in 2020. As we know that ZNGA is one of the most active stock in Nasdaq penny stocks list. Its America’s USA social mobile (Android, IOS) game developer company and have million’s of active users so far. Furthermore there is no doubt in it that gaming market industries has a great future here, Let’s have a look on the chart.

This is a current chart example of ZNGA stock future price value analysis. As shown above in the chart. Market is making a very good HH and HL sequence and the good thing about the stock is its shape, its going down to upside which is a good sign of uptrend. The next resistance is coming around $6. Market has made a very good support around $3.20 as shown in the image above, and getting a good pump from there. 

Our team believe that more strength may possible in the stock of ZNGA and this year ZNGA stock would do good throughout the end of this year. Make sure that you are obeying the important rule that is to decline the buying after a breakoutm wait for a good base and after that you can open your buy positions.If we see that market makes a good support later on $6 area more pump can come and stock market price can touch the area of $8 to $10. 

According to our analysis whenever market start’s to make this kind of sideways market pattern after a big downfall it indicate that a uptrend may arise in current market, and if you will see clearly this ia inverted head and shoulder pattern below, Now the important thing would be to see that we get enough support from $6 or not but for long run its a very good market, and one great sign of uptrend market.

  • Digital Turbine Inc:
  • APPS: Digital Turbine is also one another fantastic stock for the year of 2020. The Company does work on the mobile software platform which is related to the delivery. In simple words they are working upon a term called uniformity where they are converging mobile advertising as well as on mobile operators, android app developers etc. The stock is listed in Nasdaq and the market cap is more than 200 million. Let’s have a look on chart analysis:

Chart is shown above, and its telling us clearly that market is playing between a range right now. We analyzed that this year APPS stock can do well and there is a possibility that from here a price of $6 to $7 may possible in the stock of APPS. Market has made a very good double bottom pattern and stock is getting a very good pump from below. Furthermore if we see that market is breaching the area of $6 and getting a support later above $6 after breakout then more strength can be seen in the stock. 

We would suggest trader’s to go with the target of $6 and $7 at first and later if market situation is seeming good for you only then think about the second buy that you can do above of $6 support which is resistance right now. Because if once we see that market is breaching the resistance of $6 or $7 area that time it will convert into a support zone for the stock of APPS. That’s how a support and resistance theory actually does work for a stock or any financial market security. 

Buying at low and selling at high this is really a very good strategy in stocks, and the good thing about the APPS stock is that the stock is also on bottom at the moment, which is seeming a good buying opportunity for traders and investors and making 100% profit on equity is not bad at all especially if you are getting that in one single year. 

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