What is a Stock Exchange? World Major Stock Exchanges

  • What is a stock exchange?

There is a combination of two words here Stock+Exchange.Stock exchange is a platform or an organised market where buyers and sellers participate to exchange the stock with each other or this is a platform where brokers, stock traders, investors, take participation online to buy or sell a stock of company.This is a process where one buying and other selling. Stock exchanges has really changed the whole scenario of stock market totally where a trader can participate in the market direct from his computer we just need an internet connection and there is no need to go anywhere for buying or selling of an company’s share. The term exchange include’s shares, bonds, Govt securities etc. Stock exchanges are also providing a secondary market role for traders, investors and stock brokers where we don’t need any need of the primary market to buy or sell a share in stock market. Hope everything is clear to you know. There is a big list of World stock exchanges lets talk about them information is given as below.

  • List of World Share Market Major Stock Exchanges:

American Stock Market Exchange: There are two popular Stock exchanges in the USA the first one is NYSE  (New York Stock Exchange) and the second one is NASDAQ. According to the market capitalization NYSE is world’s largest stock market exchange and Nasdaq stock exchange is also on top its on 2nd Rank (World 2nd largest stock exchange) in world as compare to market capitalization.Furthermore almost all popular USA business companies are listed in these two popular exchanges forex example, Nasdaq contain Amazon, Apple,Netflix, Microsoft, Facebook, etc on the other hand NYSE New York Stock Exchange contain Alibaba Group Holding Limited, Bank of America, etc. Other popular elements of US Stock Markets are Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite Etc.

London Stock Exchange: This is one of the Major & Popular stock exchange in United Kingdom (UK). London stock exchange is one of the best choice for European market which provide best possible financial services there.According to the market capitalization LSE is on 7th Rank means world 7th larget stock exchange it is.This stock exchange own so many big companies and those are related to technology service provider, stock exchange, central counterparty services, some other platforms plus FTSE Russell which is known as one of the biggest index providers in global.

Japan Exchange Group: Japan exchange group is one of the top leading stock exchange in Japan and according to the market capitalization the rank of Japan exchange group is on 3rd right now in the world. Hence not bigger than the Nasdaq and NYSE but much bigger than the other workd stock market exchanges. Actually this exchange had been made by the merge of two popular stock exchange of japan in 2013 those were Osaka Securities Exchange & Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Euronext Stock Exchange: According to the Europe continental area Euronext Stock exchange is one of the biggest stock exchange in that area. This stock exchange deal in so many things like ETF, equitites, indices, Commodities, bonds, Warrants, derivatives, forex trading etc. Its market capitalization is also very high and that’s why its one of the 6th top stock exchange in the world. Dublin, London, Amsterdam some of those cities from where they operate their businesses.

China Stock Exchange: The three popular and top stock exchanges from China are Shangahai Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and Shenzhen Stock Exchnage. According to the market capitalization Shanghai stock exchange is world’s 4th largest stock exchange in the world and Hong Kong stock exchange is on rank 5th. There is one another named Shenzhen Stock exchange in china which is on rank 8th according to the market capitalization. Here its clear that China is one of the top

country in financial market sector with top stock exchanges those inlude in top 10 ranking list.

Indian Stock Market: Indian stock market is also a big sector in stock exchange and there are two most popular stock exchange in india named Bombay Stock Exchnage (BSE) & National Stock Exchnage (NSE) both these stock exchanges are located in Mumbai. The establishment of BSE had done in 1875 and on the other hand the establishment of NSE had been done in 1992. According ot the market capitalization BSE is world’s 10th biggest stock exchange and NSE is world’s 11th largest stock exchanage. So both these exchanges have a great value in India as well as in the world.

Canada or Torrento Stock Market: Here is one another top quality of stock exchange from Canada which is called as TMX Group Limited. This exchange deal in energy markets, derivatives, equities, trading etc.The headquarter of TMX Group Limited is in canada as well as offlices London, Sydney, Boston, New York City, Chicago, etc. According to the market capitalization TMX is world’s 9th largest stock exchange. TMX group has TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) also which serves the equity market of public venture.

Other Stock Exchanges: The other major stock exchanges of world’s those are included in top 20 list are given below they are as follows:

  • Germany Stock Exchange Deutsche Borse
  • Switzerland Stock Exchange SIX SWISS Exchnage 
  • Brazil Stock Exchange B3
  • Australian Securities Exchange 
  • South Africa Stock Exchange JSE Limited
  • Taiwan Stock Exchange 
  • Korea Exchange 

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