What is Google Adsense, How Does it work for a Advertiser and Publisher?

Google adsense is one of the top ad network created by Google. Where both advertiser and a publisher can take advantage of it for their business or websites. As we know that there are so many types of ad networks in the field of advertising network. Many of them are old and many of them are new but nobody is like Google Adsense. In simple words Google Adsense is a ad network which helps a advertiser to promote his or her business with Google ads and on the other hand Google adsense network help a publisher to get a reward from Google ads directly in his or her Adsense account. A publisher just submit his or her website to Google Adsense team and a good traffic on website would help a publisher to get adsense approval which will lead to the profit from the Google ads and it will be paid in publisher bank account later.

Year 2000 to 2010 was a good year for all the advertiser’s and the publisher’s because that time cost of advertising was low and competition was less for advertiser’s and the publisher’s but now we can see that everyday many publisher’s send their application for the google adsense approval. Though still Google Adsense is one of the interesting platform to show our trading skill as a publisher and one of the best platform for all those advertiser’s who want to get leads for their business. Let’s talk in deep that how it provide a good helping hand for an Advertiser and Publisher.

How Does it work?


An advertiser is that entity or firm who want to get lead’s for their business or impression for their website. Mostly you must have seen google ads on so many websites, if you are new and don’t have a idea then you can just visit some popular website’s and there you will able to see that Google ad’s are running on their whole website area like on Header, sidebar, Footer, Inside the post’s etc. Furthermore there are so many other ad network’s who provide a facility or platform of Advertiser and Publisher for people but those ad network’s have less value rather than the Google Adsense. Google adsense is always a first choice of most of publisher’s and advertiser’s because this is a brand and most of people like to use Google Adsense and Google adword.

Now the other major question is that how to apply for google advertising?

Look this is not much difficult to apply for the google adword or google advertising. First of all you should have a good adword account, that you can open directly from your email id you have to just sign in in google adword website link you can get from the google just search google adword and you will able to get more information about it on the Google Search Engine.

After creating the account or getting in by signing in your email you will able to see you dashboard and you wlil be automatically asked for the campaigns, a compaign is a like a subject means for what you showing the advertising. Google adword account is easy to handle now days and step by step process is there which will give you a clear idea about how to handle the Google Ads in your Google Adword account. But keep in mind that your business should be familiar to Googld adword policies so that your advertising would be get active for the next process.

Fund for the Google Ads subscription you can add through the debit visa card and so many other options are there and you can make your Google Ads subscription manually and automatically. Its also depend upon you that how much you want to spend and when you want to spend, on which time you have to show the ads so many different idea’s and helpful summary is there. You can also fix it that in which country you want to show the ad’s, which makes Google Adword more interesting.

Interent has changed the whole media printing system or advertising system and with the help of this ad network now we can easily promote our business you just need a laptop or computer or mobile, internet, and money. You don’t have to go anywhere for getting leads and impression’s for your business.


So guy’s now we would like to talk about the Publisher, a publisher is that entity or the person who want to earn from Google Adsense, now the question is how a publisher will get reward here from adsense? For that you have to understand the whole structure of this Advertiser and Publisher system.

Here you have to understand that google is not doing anything by itself, here all the thing’s are dependent on the advertiser’s and the publisher’s. So in advertiser section we discussed that how a person can take the benefit of google advertising, so now the thing is from where Google would fulfill the requirement’s of it’s publisher’s?

So the answer is from its Publisher’s. Google have so many websites and indexed in its search console. Which means all the websites and blogs are related to its publisher’s. For example if you have a blog or website and if there is a good crowd or traffic on your website you can become a publisher. Same like there are so many publisher’s who are already working for the Google. And all those publisher’s are the medium of showing the advertising of Google advertiser’s. So this is how a publisher fulfill the requirement’s of a advertiser in this industry. Which helps both advertiser and publisher to get best from their Google adword and Google adsense account.

For applying for Google Adsense you should have a google adsense account which you can create easily by your email id, but you have to make sure that you have read their policies so that you would not get rejection on your google adsense application. Read them carefully because the list is not that much small and do proper setting in your website and post some good article’s so that you can get approval from Google Adsense Team. After getting the approval you have to just work on a regular bases so that you can get regular traffic to your website or blog and whenever somebody would click on those advertising unit’s you will get a reward for it directly in your Google Adsense account. Furthermore if you have any doubt or question you can just put in our comment section so that we can help you to solve out the issue.

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