Terms and Conditions

Please read all these important Terms & Conditions as shown below, all the readers are request to read all of our important Terms and Conditions before reading anything here. It will be a legal binding agreement between you and us (InvestingInFinance)

1. Intro:

All the information that we are provided here comes under our terms and conditions agreement, you have to make sure that you are reading these before using any type of content on our website, these will help you to understand clearly that what kind of knowledge and information we are providing here on our website

2. Access and Use:

first of all we want to tell everyone that here is no registration system on our website you can come and go with your own will, this is site where you would get a lot of freedom and less rules so that we can make this community a very helpful community for everyone here. We hope you would like this feature very much. Along with it we don’t offer any kind of pricing plan system all the information will be free for everyone no charge would be there for anyone.

3. Privacy Policy:

There are so many important things those are covered in our privacy policy area so please keep checking with it all the information and knowledge based information comes under our terms and conditions plus our privacy policy. Financial topics does contain risk so better to read our privacy policy page, thanks for understanding.

4. Obligation or Reponsibility:

As we know that trading in financial sector is not that much easier and there is risk involved in these instrument so that we would like to tell everyone that all the information which provided here on our site would be an information bases only. We don’t give any type of guarantee and hope that you gonna make some kind of money from our analysis, and we will not be liable for any of your loss here. Trading in stocks, forex, Crypto Currencies is always a sensative matter and a lot of experience required to gain success here. But our team will always help this community to share our best experience here.

5. Third Party Links & Services:

Third Party links, websites, affiliate products, would not be allowed on this site, in case if its important for you then you have to ask us and have to check with us at first so that we can check that and can take a very suitable decision for you, as you know that most of sites and owner or admin does not like to accept third party sites links and services so you have to understand that very well.

6. Law and Jurisdiction:

if you are a user or reader whose principal address of Business Standard Virtual services Comes in any jurisdiction across the worldwide then these terms and conditions will subjected as an Indian law.So the extent possible in the applicable jurisdiction, both you and we Investing In Finance agree that the competent courts in New Delhi India, India would have non-exclusive jurisdiction system to settle any dispute which may arise out of, under with our terms and conditions. Thanks for understanding

7. Content Ownership:

All the data or content published on our site created by our own team. Investing In Finance team has all the content ownership and no other party can copy our content with the aim of pasting on their website, a strict action would be taken on those who will copy paste our articles from here to there on their sites. Because Investing In Finance team is giving a lot of time ot create these valubale topics for you so its important to that these articles has some value and they come under own ownership.

8. User Generated or Posted Content:

All the data and information that is related to a third party or a third person those are our viewers, and readers would not be a responsible article or information because as we know that the term finance is a risky term so that all we have to respect each other but would suggest everyone to give their best here, and a great effort and work would lead to a better success and result in our trading activity and life.

9. Intellectual Property:

It should be clear that nobody has permission to copy our company logo and data from our site, this is really a serious thing if somebody got found with it in future. We personally never do the same, its our first priority to work on our own strong and weak points, Our team always pay foucs on making our product and service more helpful and wise toward our readers and viewers. Other visual media can be the images, photo etc that we use in our website

10. Changes in Terms and Conditions:

As we know that change is the law of nature and we would suggest you to keep that in mind, Investing In Finance team has a full right to change its terms and conditions, there is a full chance that in future you can see so many extra terms and conditions on our site, we can update them on time to time so its your duty to check our terms and conditions, privacty policy page time to time. Apart from this, whenever a change is in our terms and conditions, you will be told about it.